The Alvi Armani Clinic

January 5, 2009 - Leave a Response

I began to experience hair loss at the age of 21 which was much too young in my eyes to start the balding process. After trying different shampoos and topical solutions with no satisfying results, I decided to look into hair transplantation. I started by researching different doctors and companies on the internet and at first was completely overwhelmed. There were and still are so many different doctors providing the same service. I needed to know who was legitimate and who was not. I started reading through different hair loss forums, Hairsite was a big help in educating me. I did my homework on specific doctors and results their patients achieved. It didn’t take long to find the Alvi Armani website. I was blown away by the results which were achieved by his patients. After viewing many before and after photos of patients I need to know more.

The Alvi Armani site was extremely educational and informative about specific transplant procedures and results which would be achieved from the procedures. I finally experienced the great feeling I was looking for all along and decided to reach out to the staff at Alvi Armani to schedule a consultation. Also if you’re looking for hair transplant New York, you can also contact them by their website here.

I continued to educate myself via the website and on different forums online until it was time for my consultation. I made the trip to the clinic and was introduced to a few patients who were in the clinic at the time for follow-up appointments and was able to ask them questions about their procedures. The whole initial experience with the staff at Alvi Armani was nothing short of excellent. They made me feel at home, extremely comfortable and gave me that feeling of hope I was forever searching for. After my initial consultation I decided to follow through with the procedure and the rest is history.